Monday, July 8, 2013

Blue & Gray & Blue

Ya'll know that I enjoy observing nature and then drawing comparisons to life, right?
It's a habit I picked up during the long and slightly boring rides between Athens and Macon. There is a lot of country and fields in that 2 hour span, in case you were wondering.

A few days ago I was going along, heading towards some vacation time in Jacksonville. And on this one particular part of the road, I was driving right in the exact spot to see a pretty interesting piece of the sky. On my far left it was bright blue with large, puffy, billowing, white clouds. Then it transformed into a dark and gloomy gray towards the middle of my line of sight. And when I turned my head to the far right, the sky was amazingly blue and full of white clouds again. It was quite cool to see, and I was thankful that I took notice.

All of that to say, isn't life just like that sometimes? Blue, Gray, and Blue again. Good, Difficult, and Good again. Smiles, Tears, and Smiles again. Yeah, it is a pattern that I have noticed being played out in my life. A theme in the life of Sabrina.

When I look back over my life. There are the hard times, sandwiched between the good times. And I am thankful for that. Grateful that there are times of peace and relief. Because constant struggles make for a weary soul. I also am thankful for this reminder in nature because it keeps me grounded. When things are going great and there is no trouble on the horizon. Be thankful and appreciative. And when times are trying and hard to bear. Be flexible, because good times are coming back again. Of course I have learned that in the gray cloudy sections of life it can be oh so hard to remember the past and future bright blue skies. But, it is a key to growth and maturity to keep those times in mind.

The trials of life come quickly. Sometimes we are prepared and often we are not. They leave you wondering and nervous. But, they are a part of life, and no one escapes them. And if you try, they will only come back again.

The gifts of life are plentiful. They are everywhere around us, if we will slow down and look. Homes and people that we love. Transportation and frivolous travels, just because we can. Numerous clothes, things, and plans to acquire more things. Health and life and faith and wisdom. Love and forgiveness and sweet memories.

Yep, life is just like that cloudy day on Saturday! I'm always thankful to get time to wonder and praise this unique life.

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