Monday, July 15, 2013


If there is ever a time to refresh your life. Well, summer is it.
Long days, family time, vacations, moves, warm nights, space, and time.

Before I head back to "real life". I wanted to share the things that have refreshed my spirit and gotten me (I pray) ready to tackle back-to-school and more of whatever life will bring.

Reading, hearing, absorbing, and applying God's word in my life. It all starts here for me. Got to have that foundation strong or else all the efforts built on top of it will crumble.
(Bible app on my phone, worship and praise songs online, attending church services, making time to see God in his natural creation...and be awed and thankful)

Making quality time for family and friends. I have been deeply blessed, over and over with amazing people in my life. Being around them encourages me to keep on trying, and giving. I want to bless others, as I feel blessed by them.
(going home to Florida, phone calls with long distance family/friends, laughing and listening to those I love, sharing life (both ups and downs) and allowing others to know my struggles and needs) 

Finding what I enjoy....and then actually doing it! Not being afraid or ashamed of my happy positivity.
(Movies, good naps, escape readings (light, fluffy, and self-help), baking, traveling, and planning events) 

And finally, after a time of hiding behind disappointments, a distorted view of beauty, and hectic busy days that flow to months. Stepping out, accepting the compliments and not dismissing them, holding my head up high, shushing the negative self-talk. Letting my confidence shine in the areas where before I have been most fearful to even enter in.

*With over 1/2 of 2013 being completed, I am feeling revived for what lies ahead. Already knowing it will be surprising, joyous, new, and revitalizing!*

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