Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Courage Counts

Lately I have been looking around and noticing the everyday courage of my friends.
I think it's because I have come out of a season of being less than courageous.
So it's been a refreshing reminder to see this "courage". To live among these people who are refusing to give up.

I think about my friend who is trying for a 3rd time to enter a VERY high demand graduate program.
When I think about my whiny, tearful, and slightly bitter reaction to not getting either of the 2 jobs I wanted, her courage just floors me. I think it is that depth of life when you truly believe in your dreams. That determination, and the attitude of being unwilling to give up.

I also have a friend who is the MOST amazing mother! Really, I see God working in her life all of the time. She is wise, mature, and willing to share the journey of parenting her sweet boy who continues to have health struggles.

 I think that courage mixed with time is a mighty weapon. Because if you don't give it time, then your courage can be kinda shaky. But courage placed at the correct time, well just watch out world!

So, back to my life. When I drove through this this little city outside Atlanta on Friday, I felt my courage coming back to me. I want to live and work in a certain place, and actually being there reminded me to keep on trying!! It was such a gorgeous day and my spirit was uplifted and my mind was relaxed and open. And during that little drive I saw it clear as crystal. I need to try again. If I am a woman made of  anything, If I am the strong Sabrina, who is constantly telling others to go for the gusto. Then maybe, I need to listen to myself. I need to have the courage to try again, even after rejection tried to ruffle my pride.

SO, I have plenty on my plate for right now. But in the back of my head, I am getting back in the saddle. As I look to a new school year, I am also going to walk in peace and courage:)

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