Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back to School!

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I absolutely love working for school systems. I have worked for two so far, and had two very different experiences. I prefer a small/medium district. Huge ones, scare me a little. I think because I know that schools are a system, just like all institutions. And you can keep the illusion and down home feeling in smaller school districts. To me, sometimes the extra large ones begin to feel like a machine. (Oooops, I'm starting this thing, off track)

It's back to school time up here in North Georgia. I always start singing "Back to school, Back to school. To show my mama, I'm no fool" from Billy Madison around this time of year;) The commercials are bombarding my TV and radio. The kiddies are ready to head back to new teachers and their friends. And I bet that secretly or not so secretly, parents are ready for the school bell to ring.

We forget that many of our life milestones are related to school experiences. Even important moments like weddings, are often full of the friends we met in school. On a random note. I enjoy seeing so many of my friends flaunt the 1st day of school pictures of their babies. It is just another marker of life moving on along.

This year my own personal baby boom are entering Kindergarten. I know 4 Kindergarten babies and that floors me! I can't believe how much time has passed since I held most those these little ladies in my arms. Now, they have each developed their own personality! It has been a privilege to see them grow up, and I know that the growing up is just really beginning.

There is HUGE change at my current school. A brand new tidal wave of staff. I see it as a good thing. I am waiting to see, how it actually all plays out. I get the bonus job of helping establish the positive and encouraging learning environment that is necessary in any amazing school! There is work to be done at my school. I won't go into it here, but when you picture me, think of me working harder than I have ever had to in my entire life. And if you are a believer, like me, in the amazing power of prayer, don't forget to say a little extra one for me, and most importantly for the kids. The kids from poverty who don't ever deserve to pay the consequences for their parents unwise choices. And also for the community and society who so often looks right over the need in their own streets and neighborhoods. For until you actually "see" what is really going on, can change ever happen. Last year I saw, and now I come back, to do my small part, to show that I care, and that change is absolutely possible. It's a daunting task, I will admit it scares me sometimes, but it is what I have been called to do. And there is infinite strength in that knowledge. Also, I have to remember, we are not given good things to hoard them up for ourselves. We are given, so that we can give to others. And this is definitely my season of learning the lessons of giving. It's not unselfish yet, but I am working on it, for sure!

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Mercedes said...

Amazing. Praying you have an great school year.