Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Reduction of Things

That's a fancy title that actually means...I am moving.
Now thankfully, it is just across town. Nothing major.

But, I am going from a 2 bed x 2 bath that I had all to my sweet self. To a bedroom in a friend's house.
So, yeah I am having to downsize my stuff. Most will go into storage for a year.

I just shake my head, as I enter another time of life that is not the "settled" life that I want most. But, this way is what God wanted for me, and I continue to grow in trusting him for all things.

My oasis was wonderful for one year. Spacious, quiet, peaceful. This apartment was a blessing and I also was able to use it to bless others. I have some great memories of laughter and many new friendships were created within my home. That makes my spirit happy!

I have been keenly aware of the season's changes as I looked out my windows. Seeing the trees go through summer, fall, winter, and spring, reminded me that my life also is seasonal. So, go with the flow, because no one season will last forever. AND I need all 4 seasons to complete a growing life.

Even though this apartment caught me, on many of an exhausted and worrisome day at work. I soon realized that I did need some companionship. So, now I am getting 2 roommates! I think that will help me work on leaving school at school. I also think it will help me continue to grow in compromise and flexibility. Two areas that are not my strengths.

When I moved into my apartment I prayed for the space and friends who would share life with me. And I look back and see that I really did NOT know what was about to happen in my life. Now, as I move on, I pray for the relationships that I will grow with my roommates. And the community of friends who are my supports. And the Sabrina that I will become through this year of sharing and returning to try this whole "work" thing again.

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Tracy said...

Good luck with the move! Oh, and there is nothing wrong with a storage space :)