Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1 Month- Looking back at the sister's wedding

 It's one month since Melanie and Rashaan said I Do. And I looked back and realized I never wrote about that day. About that weekend. About that special section of life.

And having one month go by, it clears your head, so that only the most important details remain. The small clutter just gets swept aside, which is wonderful.

That morning, Mel and I woke up, way super early. And we looked at phones and saw that we could not deny it, the rain was coming. Hard rain, right at the times when we needed it to be dry. And we laid there in the dark and started talking about Plan B and C. And we waited until 6:00 am, before we called my daddy, this was a problem that needed every player on the team involved.

So plans were made, and we remembered the absolute biggest priority, that the bride and groom make their commitment to each other and to God. Then, it was time for professional makeup and the arrival of the bridal party. Soon, the little traces of worry were lifted and the room was filled with Beyonce and life long friends. The laughter and stories and just time were amazing! I'm still smiling now!

Soon, we were at the church, making final preparations. And I went to the back room with Melanie and laced her into her absolutely gorgeous dress. And it was our almost last time, just the two of us, before she became a married lady. And we talked some, but also were quiet some. I was so proud to be able to help my little sister, get ready for such a big moment.

Pictures and VIP family were admitted for some sneak peeks. My parents were literally bursting with pride. The look in their eyes. I still see it now and smile. The clock struck 3:00 and it was time to get the ball rolling. The bridal party left, and Mel and I chilled for a little while longer in a darkened room, ready to walk over to the church.

In a blink it felt like I was walking down the aisle. And I was grinning and I know I looked amazing and better than that I felt fantastic. There is nothing like having those who love your family the most, come share in a once in a lifetime moment. I couldn't see everyone, but the love in that church. Boy oh boy, it was one of the best times of my life!

Melanie walked in, looking regal and beautiful and so grown up! And she looked absolutely ready to marry her man! My daddy performed part of the ceremony, and his words were God inspired, things taken from the Bible and personal experience. And he choked up just one time. But he held it together, and I remember whispering, "It's OK Daddy". And I wanted to just go over and hug him tight. But the moment passed and the ceremony was complete.

Pictures, and hugs, and grins, and utter happiness followed. It was a messy and rainy day, and our friends and family showed us their utmost support. They were ecstatic and patient and so loving. I won't ever forget those who took time from near and far to share in the blessings of a marriage that I believe was arranged by God. Looking back, I just can't even express the contentment of sharing that day of true love.

Rain and more rain, as we made it to the reception. And you know what, there were glitches. Seating errors, and confusion. BUT, it all got sorted out. And then with delicious food in our stomachs (wait who am I kidding, I didn't eat anything....I had breakfast, a snack, and then a Cherry Pepsi and Reese's Christmas tree at about 1:00am). But those that ate were happy:) We celebrated and mingled and then it was the end.

Rain and umbrellas and goodbye hugs were given. My dearest and bestest friend came back to the church and helped me take down decorations. The parents had to go help the bride escape from the complications of a corset dress;) Before this maid of honor could find rest, I stopped by my aunt's house to see my grandma and aunts and cousins. Then, I stopped by the hotel and chatted with some special out of town friends.

Whew! And now its been one month since that day. Life goes on as it always does, and life has been good. Congratulations Melanie and Rashaan!! You know I always keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Your marriage is an example to others, don't ever forget that:)

With all my LOVE and best wishes for a full lifetime of happiness and joy,
 Sabrina Maude Stewart
Maid of Honor Extraordinaire 
* And with that, ends one exciting chapter of my life. What's next, it looks promising:)*

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