Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Health Goals/Resolutions

It is definitly not unique to be thinking about goals involving your health at the start of the year.
It is however, always a good thing for me to write my goals down. I also share them with others.
I am that person who needs someone to check in, and encourage me. Especially, because I love cooking and baking. And food is delicious, and I am not athletic, and my family history has some health issues here and there. Whew, that's quite a mouthful!

So in 2014, here are the few things that are my focus as far as health goes. The great thing is that most of them are not new. They were implemented last year, with success. Now it's time to bring them back to light, and get back to work.

1. The biggie- No or limited soda and french fries. Yep, of all the foods and ways that can pack on the pounds; Soda and french fries are my 2. And I know that to control them, is to gain control of a lot of other things. By saying no to these, I am saying no to stressed out or hurried visits to the drive-thru just because I don't feel like cooking. I am saying yes to a better complexion and overall lighter feeling.

2. Water is my new best friend- Last year, a co-worker gave me a shiny 12 pack of Cokes. And within a couple of weeks I had finished them all. And it was the day that I drank 2 that I saw it clearly. I need water actually with me constantly. So I recycled that box and lugged in a 36 count of bottled water. And I never looked back. Drinking water is good for me. And though at one point I was in a close friendship with the individual Crystal Light packs, I have put those aside too. I need to be drinking clear, regular water on a consistent basis.

3. Track my fruits and veggies- This is a new one. See, I know that you can eat at home and still not be eating well. I can count OJ, and pizza sauce as my feeble attempts at getting in some sort of fruits and vegetables. But, I grew up in a household of abundant and delicious veggies, prepared all sorts of ways. And fruit and I can get along because I have a natural sweet tooth. If I can increase my intake of these healthful necessities, then when I indulge in sweets or fried chicken or pancakes, there will be some sort of balance.

4. To wrap it all up, I need to continue to move more. I have a gym membership that I need to use. And I already know Zumba Toning is my favorite, so I am going to stick with that. Try and go 2x a week (Saturday and Sunday), and see what happens. It is so much fun to me, and if I am having fun, I will make the effort to go:) At work, I need to keep on walking those halls, the school equivalent to pounding the pavement. Mainly, when I get a chance to move I need to fight off the lazy!

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