Friday, January 10, 2014

30 before 30- Starting my list

Let me tell you, once this mind of Sabrina grabs onto an idea.....well watch out world!
On New Years a high school friend posted her ideas to start a 30 by 30 list and blog. I was instantly intrigued! Then I started looking it up more online, and it's quite a popular idea. Then another high school friend mentioned it on her blog! SO, yeah, ever since then, I have been thinking and pondering. I have 18 things below. And I have until the start of April to get the thing (list) polished and ready to go. And I already know that I am not even trying to get all 30 things done in one year, but the idea of having these as goals or reminders, is just the motivation I need. No guilt just goodness!

host a dinner party to welcome in one of the seasons
go on a cruise
celebrate 30 in a BIG way
celebrate 30 in a quiet way
travel to 5 places that I've never been before
sleep under the stars
watch a full sunrise and full sunset from the beach
finish reading Julie and Julia and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
cook or bake 24 new to me recipes (2 a month hopefully)
take a surprise visit home to see my parents
maintain my weight, below a "magic" number
plan a trip just for the sister and I
read through the New Testament
clean out my email ( all 3 accounts)
buy a pedometer and track my steps
adopt a classroom for a school year
update my scrapbook
use the scanner I got and really organize old memories, pictures and papers


TONI said...

ohh we have similar things on our list! great minds think alike. So far this month I've crossed off one thing on my list. But I've still got about 14 I need to start.

Sabrina said...

You got this! You know Ronita has started a blog for hers? Ya'll got me inspired.