Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book Bliss

My truly reviving vacation is almost over. It has been AMAZING which I will write about later. However, this is just a quick post to say I am in love.

Yep, I just finished Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and I loved it. YAY, for the NPR website and their book recommendations.

 This book was as refreshing as a mug of hot tea on a cold winter day. was just great. Can't wait to return my copy and buy one to add to my collection! I am not even going to try to tell you what it is about. You can do the research yourself if you are interested:)


annie said...

I just requested this from the Leon County library! :) Great minds "read" alike!

Sabrina said...

Can't wait to discuss it with you:) I thought it had some nice mind provoking ideas and messages.