Friday, August 13, 2010

I am Learning Lord

Joy fills my heart as I write this. A few weeks ago (here) I had asked you all to pray for a few situations. Mainly it was the one cloud on my UGA I am sure I don't even have to go into how money could cause issues when connected to going back to school.

I needed, wanted, wished, and prayed for an out of state tuition waiver to drop my $11,000 tuition down to about $4,000. This was not promised me when I accepted UGA but I applied anyway. With budget cuts all around I was not surprised to hear that I did not get one for the summer. HOWEVER here is what I learned.....

God knew, he always does! This time I truly humbled myself and waited. The waiting was busy, fun, and sometimes tiring but I did it. Then out of the sky God answered our prayers and provided me with a waiver!!!! I almost broke down and cried because I don't deserve anything. I am still growing, still having bad and good days.

I got teary eyed because God is SOOOO faithful. He is, really, and he showed me again what I know from his word, that he loves me and asks me to love and trust him back.

SO long ago, at the start of this UGA journey (way back in 2007) I prayed that God's will be done and that I learn and grow to accept it. The path has been all kinds of adventures and detours but I held on. Thank You all for your prayers, they worked and were appreciated.

If you are currently waiting this is what I would say. God heard you, he already knows, so continue on doing the best that you can. Be thankful for all things and get closer to our Lord so that you can see him more clearly and hear him. In the end it is all worth it, every sigh, every laugh, every tear and all of the confusion.

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