Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love You!

One thing that Melanie is constantly telling me is that overall women don't love themselves. Something like 82% of women do not find themselves beautiful/attractive. This is just crazy to Mel, who I joke has enough self confidence for at least 50 women:)

It does make you think. When you look in the mirror do you build yourself up or put yourself down? Remember it can be very sneaky, this negative self talk. Everyone has things to work on, but are you happy with your overall package? Women are usually SO very busy doing for others, that we do forget to do things for ourselves.

In tribute to my sister, here is my list of things that I LOVE about me. She is right, I do not think about them nearly as much as I should.

my smile and nice sized teeth

silly as it may seem, my hands and beautiful healthy fingernails

my legs

my sometimes mind boggling work ethic

my determenation and LOVE of learning

my laughter and open, friendly personality

Today I vow to say out loud more often I am beautiful and VERY much loved! Because, hey it's true!!!!!

Join me?

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