Monday, August 2, 2010

I am SO quirky

I will admit...I was getting tired of packing. We two girls sure did know how to live with lots of STUFF.
Bought stuff, given stuff, new stuff, ancient stuff, paper stuff, just STUFF.

However, when I need a little energy boost I go to my secret weapon. Well, one of them. I turn on the Internet and click on my toolbar to my Pandora radio. (If you don't have Pandora and use it,  you have GOT to start!!!). Then I choose my Christmas songs station and I am instantly transported:) Right now I am  humming to "White Christmas" the Bing Crosby version. All Christmas songs instantly swamp me in good memories and just like that my energy returns:)

Good Night!

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annie said...

This post made me smile! :) I love my quirky friends!