Saturday, August 28, 2010

Joy through Troubles

Friends are a blessing. I have some who have traveled a loooong road with me and I LOVE them dearly. I have known Ms. J since I was a child. We go WAY back and have all sorts of fun memories together.

Ms. C has known me a shorter time (well actually now, about 7 years) yet she is just such a great friend in every sense of the word. We have silly memories and all sorts of fond recollections of our friendship.

I wish I could say that all of our lives were perfect. Now, really all of our lives are actually very good. Highs and lows of course, but that is just life.

However, a few weeks, goodness maybe even months ago, I noticed something. When I talked or tried to talk to my friends the conversations were not what they used to be. I had two dear friends who had such sad, tired voices (not on the surface, but deeper, where true friends often have to go). I was confused. I just tried to be more cheerful and make them did not work well. Then I sort of backed off a little bit because I knew they needed time.

The other week in my prayer I got specific. I asked God to bring joy back into the lives of two women who mean so much to me. I didn't know how, when, or where but I just knew that I was desperate to get my happy, content friends back. And more importantly, I knew that as people we don't often see God when Satan is busy stealing our joy and tripping us up on obstacles. That place is no good and I did not want them traveling there and feeling alone.

GOOD NEWS! With timing that only God can control, both of my friends had blessed weeks. New job for one!!!!!!!!!!! New perspective for the other!!!!!!!!!!!! Just hearing the joy restored gives me such bright hopes for the future. I love you both SO much and pray that your joy just keep growing and touching all those who are lucky enough to call you friends. Joy is not innate, it, like all of the fruits of the Spirit has to be grown, cared for and harvested. May we all find something, or do something this week to get or give joy!  John 15:11.

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