Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I wrote that!

Today some random feeling came over me and I decided to open up my old journal. It is from my FSU days. It is actually pretty cool b/c every page is a different color. That is the sole reason I started journaling faithfully. The colors!

Here are a few tidbits that made me smile:
I am SO should see all of the exclamation marks that I use in my writing

I really was into my "me" time.

My favorite me quote. Referring to an friend who got engaged. " It seems soon, but what do I know....I have never been in love, this I do know."

I enjoyed some fabulous travel experiences back in the day.

Lady Spirithunters, Cawthon Hall, Ashburn Hills and more memories.

My faith has grown and though the situations were messy, scary, humbling, and nerve-wracking the tone of my journal is praise to a wonderful, loving, just, and faithful God.

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