Friday, November 26, 2010

Explained....Black Friday

It makes me laugh to see the different opinions and reactions to Black Friday shopping.

Joy, wonder, shock, confusion, and the list goes on and on.

Let me try to explain to those who have never been, or hate crowds, what the Black Friday experience is like for me, and the other brave early risers. Note: I am not an extremist...I have never camped out for a deal...those folks have their own story;)

See, it starts a few days before Thanksgiving when I begin to think of the gifts I need to get for friends, family and myself. The list can get hectic quickly.

This is quickly followed by the thought that I just cannot afford to get the gifts I want for others (and myself) if they are at full price.

BAM! The motivation and energy for my Black Friday shopping is born:)

On Thanksgiving day I pour over the sales ads to formulate my plan of attack (Tricky stuff, this step!). You will not see me still in a store after 11 am on Black Friday. I get up, I get going, I come home! (That is the key for me.)

With my lists ready and coupons clipped, I pack my purse and lay out my clothes the night before. Then I try to get to bed early b/c 3,4, or 5 am gets here real quick.

I am a semi-pro at this and so I know how to judge the crowds etc. Also, I can be patient when it comes to saving $$$. For me the feeling of getting an item on SALE is bliss. I treasure the fact that I was not the typical, full price paying consumer (I know it's a little weird).

Usually I chat with others in line and the workers because I am so happy with my purchases.

To conclude....I am not a Black Friday online shopper. The instant gratification part helps get me to the stores. Also, I have never purchased huge electronic devices (again that is another group's story).

However, Sabrina's Black Friday 2010 was very successful:) Happy Shopping!

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Anonymous said...

That's good for you but as you know, I was never much of a shopper to begin with! My experience whas shocking and I hate crowds :-(. -Cherika