Monday, November 15, 2010


In the last week or two I have been reminded of the true, gut-wrenching sorrow of my past.

Life is sooo good right now...and that just speaks to God's great mercy and plan:)

This morning at the track it was a cloudy, wet day but after a few laps rays of sunlight burst through the clouds. It was so pretty and reminded me that the sun and the Son look brighter after dark days.

God has bought us (my family) through SO much. Losing one aunt to breast cancer. Losing a cousin in the war in Iraq. Having a sister get a kidney transplant. Losing another aunt to cancer. Having my dad have prostate surgery. Good grief it was such a painful, low time in my life.

Those things broke me.....but God was faithful to rebuild and to construct something strong and beautiful instead.

Sometimes I do look around and wonder why am I so happy? I think the answer is just that I appreciate joy and life more after the darkness of sickness and death. I know that I am more aware of the possibilities of each day. Heavy thoughts for a Monday morning....but that's just life....heavy mixed with light. Humor mixed with grief. Pain mixed with triumph.

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Anonymous said...

God really does bring us through a lot doesn't He? I'm glad you're joyful.