Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lessons in Leaves

So picture a beautiful Fall tree...kind of like this one..
Lately I have noticed people trying to cling to something that is dying. I do not mean physical death either.
I mean trying to revive terribly broken and harmful relationships.
Or just traveling the same path that caused heartache in the past.

Doing that is like being a tree and trying to keep all of the Fall leaves. In reality the beautiful leaves above are dead. Think about that...something can seem beautiful and it can be dead. Life and the world says that what I am saying is impossible, but I know it to be true.

Imagine if we did what the smart Fall tree does. If we let the dead leaves, and dead things in our life fall to the ground,  like they need to, like they were meant to. Imagine if we actually freed up ourselves to growth and the budding of new fresh, vibrant green leaves like this...

If you have been holding on to a Fall leaf....go ahead and let it will soon crumble in your hands will be fine....actually you will be GREAT because the growing season that brings Spring leaves is a marvelous thing:) Happy Monday!

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