Friday, November 19, 2010

Reason, Season, Lifetime

It is FRIDAY and this little lady is EXCITED for SOOO many reasons:)

Yesterday in discussion with friends we started talking about the idea that Friendships fall into 3 categories...

Reason Friends (good)

Season Friends  (better)

Lifetime Friends  (best)

I had sort of heard of this idea before, in my head I had changed Season friends to Situational friends.

However, in our small group of 3, I was able to admit that one of my growing edges is season and reason friends. In the moment they are great but how do you admit when the time is up? And why am I always cutting friends off in order to protect myself? Deep stuff.

You see the whole conversation started with us complaining how in the technology age, the three of us felt kind of out of the loop. We feel this way because we all crave communication of the talking kind. Texts, emails, blogs and such are nice but you just cannot get at a persons emotions when you cannot hear them..or so we feel anyway.

Spurred by this conversation I did some Facebook pruning this morning (seasonal friends mainly). On the other hand I know that I am going to get to be with some of my lifetime friends very soon. Thank You Cherika for traveling for our reunion!!!

I guess...I know the balance of friendships is tough for me. I think I want too much. I know that I have had friends drop/replace/get too busy for me.....and so now I overreact.

However in the end, when I look at my lifetime list and see all that we have been through and will I pray continue to go through, I am humbled and grateful. I definitely don't have it all right, I know I mess it up even more times than I realize, but God has given me great friends of all types that I can grow and hopefully become a better friend in the long run.


annie said...

I love my lifelong friends... Over the years, I think it really becomes clear just who they are! I guess I'm probably a little bit different in that I'm not too much of a phone or text person. I'd rather see someone face-to-face! So for me, the lifelong friends are the ones I can go months (or, yes, years!) without seeing, but then see them and it's like time has never passed! :) I love those friends. They are such a blessing, and so are you! Looking forward to seeing you TOMORROW! :)

Anonymous said...

You've taught me a lot about communicating. I still have a hard time with the phone, but I really appreciate the push to keep in touch with all types of friends b/c I didn't know how to do that before so thanks! ~Cherika