Saturday, November 27, 2010

Royal Wedding

This short post has only one purpose. That is to praise Prince William and his lady Kate for selecting their wedding date. They have picked the totally fabulous weekend of April 29th! Since the birthday of yours truly is April 28th, and I think that April is the best month EVER......well let's just say I give them lots of credit:)

To acknowledge the great event going on over the pond, I might need to get a birthday tiara
 (like the one above). Kate hopefully won't be the only one getting princess treatment that weekend:)

I am in a silly mood.....but really I am excited to share my birthday weekend with royals;)

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annie said...

Oh... I am so obsessed with William and Kate! :) I think it's definitely a sign that their wedding is so close to your birthday... Live it up like a princess!