Sunday, July 31, 2011

Please Pray!

If you read my blog and believe in the amazing power of prayer please, oh please pray for THIS family.

Kassy and Dave are the strong and struggling parents of baby Asher. His health problems are extreme and they need prayers of help and support, and hope.

There is nothing like a health condition to make us sit up and face the harsh yet wonderful realities of life. I know, nothing has changed me more and strengthened my faith, as those years of Melanie's illness.

Kassy and Dave need hope, and strength, and courage. Pray for them please!  If you go to a Bible class and they ask for prayer requests please mention them. If you and your family have prayer time together, I ask that you add them to your thoughts. As you go through your day, remember this great family who is desperate for deliverance. Thank You!

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