Monday, July 11, 2011


 Not to jinx anything, but I guess I can let you know what has been my wish lately.

 I still have time left in graduate school, but May 2012 will be here soon. 

 Finding a job and place to settle is VERY important to me.

 Well, I am currently wishing that a job would open up for me in Decatur, Georgia.

 This little piece of greatness makes me sooo happy and I can see myself settling there, and I LOVE that!

 Small school system. Close but not inside Atlanta. Strong church and faith community. Diversity! Yeah, I    kind of  already have started doing my research. 

 I know deep down inside me that Decatur and I could be so good for each other. Time will tell however, and I can wait;) 

Pssst- If a job opened up there for an Elementary school counselor, for next, next school year 2012-2013, well that would be bliss. It's a specific request, but I still pray for it sometimes. God likes to know our needs and our wishes!

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