Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sometimes I could Cry

This was my Facebook status update moments ago...
My heart breaks for ALL of the abused, neglected, and murdered children in this country....It is time for ADULTS to do better! Our children have suffered enough and we don't listen to their stories until it is far too late:(

I really could just cry sometimes. I have always had a soft heart for children. When it comes to things that make me question the decency of human beings....it is child abuse that I just cannot for the life of me understand.

Like the title to this post says...Sometimes I could cry. My eyes are teary now. And I need to remember this feeling of sadness because I don't ever want to not be affected by the loss of innocent life. I do not want life to harden me to the desperate cries of babies and children.

But I know that the scared children, the needy children, the abused, neglected, and murdered children. They don't need my tears. They need us to DO something. They need  adults to get our acts together. 

They NEED us to educate young and not so young families who don't KNOW better. 
They NEED us to offer better support for those people in this life who are parents but also suffer from anger management problems. 
They NEED us to work with parents who are suffering from their own past abuse. 
They NEED us to get help for parents who are struggling with undiagnosed mental illnesses. 

I can only imagine a world where this would be the case. I can only pray fervently that our society would not continue to cover up and give up on helping our children. I can only do my small part to work on the needs mentioned above. In the end of the day....there were three adults who needed help to take care of one little girl. That just shows me that it is going to take the effort of professionals, and also families to stop the cycle of abuse and neglect that is running rampant and somewhat unchecked in our country.

Thank Goodness for organizations like this who are already providing help and support. 

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