Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beautiful, Messy Words

Words can be as uplifting as a much needed hug OR as depressing as the pits of a dark cave.

As light as a floating cloud OR as heavy as a lead weight.

As funny as the giggles OR as serious as a frown.

As insightful as truth OR as hurtful as truth (this one is tricky, tricky!). 

As precious as gold OR as popular as the latest trends.

Our words heal and wound. They are humble yet proud. They praise and complain.

And because of all of this we have to be that much more careful. Because our words can work for good and danger, I really think we have to watch them SO carefully. Our words have power and if our hearts and minds are not in the right place.....well then, our words will show it. They will give people a clear picture into our souls....if they listen carefully. In today's fast-paced world let's not forget to speak to others in a way that shines with joy. Let's use our spoken words for their full power of positive potential. There is nothing that can brighten a day more than a smile and caring words spoken by those we love and admire.

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