Monday, September 26, 2011

A-Z Fun

 Thanks to  Annie for posting this fun A-Z activity on her blog about a month ago. It grabbed my attention, and was a fun read!
 Now, this Annie is a friend of my friend Annie. They both are bloggers. Confused...that's OK:) Enjoy!
a is for age

b is for bed size

c is for chore you hate
Taking out the Trash

d is for dogs
nope....a pet piglet though one day...maybe?

e is for essential start to your day
Washing my face.

f is for favorite color

g is for gold or silver?
white gold or that gorgeous rose gold

h is for height
five fiveish...

i is for instruments you play
none, but I wish I could play the piano

j is for job title
Counseling Intern
Graduate Assistant
Athletic Mentor

k is for kids
0.....but if I get married...then 2 please.

l is for live in
Athens, GA

m is for maiden name

n is for nickname(s)
none really but sometimes Brina, Bree and Meep

o is for overnight hospital stays
0 for me but plenty of hospital sleepovers with Melanie.

p is for pet peeve
most annoying-uncontrolled children in public places
most hurtful- hmmmmm

q is for quote
 almost everything I get on The Happiness Project Listserv but especially this one...
"The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play."
 Arnold Toynbee

r is for righty or lefty?

s is for siblings
yep, my Melanie (younger sister)

t is for time you wake up
Earliest 5:30; Latest 7:30

u is for university
The University of Georgia
Florida State University

v is for vegetables you dislike

w is for what makes you run late
reading, early morning TV, and Facebook

x is for x-rays you've had
0...I lead a safe life:)

y is for yummy food
PIZZA, dessert, and homemade meals...but no salad!

z is for zoo animals
koala bear

what about you? what's your a to z?

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