Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lion King: Lessons

You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life.
Lion King

When I went to go see the Lion King last night I was expecting the same movie going experience that I had as a child, a 4th grader to be exact. I even traveled 45 minutes to my closest AMC to enjoy the film in comfort. I forked over the money for a Friday night, 3D movie....that is a biggie for this little cheapskate;) However, let me tell you one thing. I was WRONG!

The Lion King was SOOOO much better to me last night. The music is beyond beautiful. Matching the moments and emotions in the film perfectly. I don't know how to really describe it, but I was very in tune with the music as the movie flowed along. It was lovely and magical! It just resonated well with my soul, I guess:)

Ok, now on to the actual movie. I know it is because of my maturity and "adult" perspective, but I was gleaning lessons right and left last night. Which only enhanced my moviegoing experience.

One, was just the amazing, power of a strong father. A father who would do anything for you. Who keeps his promises. Who can be stern but also has a sense of humor. And let me just note....when Mufasa died, the sniffles I heard were not coming from the children in the theater!

There was also the concept of jealousy. the movie of course, jealousy led Scar to kill his own brother. Of all of the human emotions jealousy is one of the most unreasonable and therefore more dangerous.  Of course not envying and not being covetous are also Biblical principles, but the movie did a great job of illustrating how jealousy and wanting the life, power, position, and privileges of another can consume your own being.

On a personal note I took some moments to think about my emotional reaction when Nala finds Simba all grown up and Timon and Pumba sing their sad song about the changes in their "trio". They felt like they were going to be left alone; lose the close friendship of a true companion. In general, that their friend was moving along without them. I have struggled with some of these feelings concerning Melanie and her new boyfriend. And I have had to take myself to task a few times about it. Thankfully my friends have listened to me and given me some wise and desperately needed advice. Anyway, it is getting better.....I guess I don't like change all that much. But as Rafiki said in the movie, "Change is good!"

To sum it all up. Go see the Lion King. Take someone else with you so that you can share it with them. I give the movie a roaring (hahahha) A+ and 2 thumbs way up! Hurry it won't be around too much longer! Have a blessed weekend!

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annie said...

loved this post, and thanks for the reminder about "the lion king"! i'd wanted to see it in 3d, but it had completely slipped my mind!! (and yes, change is hard... you'll be in my prayers as you deal with both the good changes and the hard ones. :))