Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Praise for a Weekend!

My weekend was an overflow of abundant blessings. Praise God!

My home was perfection to me. 
Loren's wedding was a sweetly answered prayer. 
Watching "The Help" was marvelous and completely touching.
Sitting on the beach was pure, 100% bliss. 
Having dinner with an old friend was new and exciting. 
Seeing Cherika was just right. 
Church at Chaffee Road was quaint and powerful. 
My daddy's new office was spacious and gorgeous.
I felt uplifted, loved, tremendously happy, and appreciative to my God who gave me what I needed when I needed it the most!

Have a wonderful week everybody!

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Annie said...

i love your list of blessings, Sabrina! thank you for your comment on my blog; i usually don't get so silly, but at 2am, strange things happen. ;] it's funny - i don't usually get excited for christmas until after thanksgiving, but it just occurred to me and i couldn't leave it out of my random thoughts. :] have a wonderful weekend!