Monday, September 19, 2011

Hospitality Please

"Where is the hospitality?"
young Sabrina upon entering a quoted by her dad:)

If you have ever been in someone's home where true hospitality resides you will instantly know.
It does not always have to be sparkling clean.....that is surface level. I am talking about the feeling of a house that exudes hospitality from floor to roof. A home that welcomes you and makes it hard to leave. Hospitality makes you want to go back and visit just as soon as possible....without becoming annoying;)

It will be different depending on your host. Maybe it is flowers that welcome you at the front door. Or laughter as good stories are shared among friends. It can be delicious food and the invitations to "Eat as much as you want!" and "Please help yourself!". It often is pictures and art and the amusing stories that tell of a life well lived!

In a house with hospitality you sleep well at night. All of your needs are taken care of and there is always the offer of getting anything else that you need. Hospitality is sharing space with people who are naturally open, caring and loving. It is not awkward or fake or stiff or too "polite and pretty". It is real, and honest, and genuine to the core. It is the people who come to your house who become your family....when you are not so near your family.

I LOVE hospitality. Though Family and Graduate housing is nice....I have not been able to host people as I have in the past. And I miss that......a lot. Bible studies, Christmas tree decorating parties, birthdays, Wii challenges, dinners, sleepovers and more. I miss it all. You would not even believe how excited I will be to get my own space again after graduation. Until then I am thankful for all of the hospitality that has been shown me since I have been in Georgia. I am grateful for all of the examples of hospitality in the home that have graced my life over these 26 years!

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