Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My prayer life is in constant transition. However, it is one of the things that I believe keeps my faith growing. Prayer has always been a part of my life. Truthfully and painfully I say it has not always been meaningful. Sometimes my closed eyes would mask a distracted brain. Sometimes my bowed head would hide a numb mind. However, if you ever want to see growth you have to embrace all sides of the story. So that is one side.

Now however, my prayer life is different. I will credit the Bibel stories of Job and the book of Psalms for the  transformation in my prayer life. They let me know that it was OK to talk to God. I did not have to pretend or be perfect, I just had to talk. I learned through some trying times that it is OK and actually healing to cry out to God with all the pain that sometimes seemed too much. I saw that I could smile and grin with my God over answered prayers and happy times! I could be confused with God, understanding that, that is OK because his ways are not my ways ( Isaiah 55:8).

Recently, I have made the choice to get back down on my knees and pray. I needed that reminder that I am supposed to be a servant and that I am not the one in control. Now, during the day I pray for all types of things and at random times, but I am trying to kneel in the morning to start my day off right.

All of these thoughts on prayer lead me up to a request.....
* UGA was definitly the choice for me, but I REALLY need an out of state tuition waiver. If you could pray for that I would be grateful!!!!
* I have a number of friends who are ready to date/marry but the timing is just off. May we all just continue to pray for the right person at the right time. On a side note it is good to remember that when you say Yes to something you usually are saying No to something else. So, a Yes to marriage could be a No to some other areas.....just think about that.
* Lastly, Melanie needs a job. Really, I am praying for a job for her in her field that she will love. If you could add that to your prayers I would be be most grateful.

If you are stuck in a prayer rut, Google The Interview with God. It is just a reminder and might give you some areas to focus on in prayer.

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