Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning of my Spirit

Spring is coming.....I can see it in the gorgeous blue skies. It is right around the corner.....I know because I got a pedicure (the Sabrina sign that open toed shoes are coming!).

However, this Spring I realized more than ever I think, that my soul and spirit need a Spring cleaning. Sabrina the Christian woman/girl was getting kind of sluggish and distracted.

I thank God continually that he is so forgiving.....and yet takes me to the mat when needed. I need both of those parts of him.

You see as I am reading the Bible through chronologically I reread the 10 Commandments the other day. And I was humbled when I realized I was letting graduate school (which I love) sort of start becoming another god in my life. I DID NOT mean for that to happen, but honest reflection tells me it's the truth. And I need to face that truth as a part of the Spring cleaning.

In the last few days I was reminded, I am needed in the Kingdom. God has blessed me with gifts and I need to be using them. They will not grow if I don't. I was reminded that there is love, harmony and praise in meeting with other believers. And I crave that!

So here is the plan.....this week I hope to post some specifics about the cleaning that needs to go on in my life. Tomorrow I will start with cleaning the windows (aka my eyes and what I am watching/noticing). I invite you to come back if you find this topic interesting or maybe have stories to share about how Spring cleaning has brightened your walk of faith.

Bible Verse of note: Exodus 14:14- The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.
Song of note: This is the Air I Breathe

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