Saturday, February 5, 2011

Things I LOVE!- Part 3

Today in Expressive Arts class we did a music therapy activity with this song. We sat in the dark classroom doing nothing but letting these words wash over us. I had never heard it before! It is truly beautiful and I was about to cry then and now as I sit and am fully present with these gorgeous lyrics.

This song brings up the emotionful (my own word) part of Sabrina. The part that I do not listen to too often because life gets busy. And I am usually the practical one. And because being emotionful does not always feel that great. But then again sometimes it does!

However, in the spirit of sharing things I LOVE.....I HAD to share this with you all because it is true and lovely and very touching for me at this present time. Have a great weekend!


annie said...

you have to go see wicked! i can't believe you hadn't heard the song... it's so "sabrina"! seriously, go see the play and/or buy the soundtrack. i think you will love it!

Anonymous said...

The play is coming to Orlando. Not sure when though :-( ~Cherika