Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I LOVE!- Part 5

* Note I actually wrote this late last night..but didn't post it until today!*

I am not supposed to still be up! Sigh....however I was rewarded for my "nightowl" ways by stumbling across the absolute, most fabulous, little girls birthday party idea ever!!!

If I had the funds, more creativity, and the child I would be ALL over this party idea. I mean it when I say I adore every single thing about this party!!! I mean my jaw dropped wide open when I saw all the details:)

Thanks to Anj and her blog for the inspiration. May I re-present the Night Owl Party (insert thundering applause).


annie said...

um... this party is AMAZING. does it have to be for a little kid, lol? i want to have one like it right now!! :) how creative!

Sabrina said...

hahaha if anyone could pull it off for adults it would be you Annie:) Yeah her creativity is off the charts!

Anj said...

You're so sweet! Thanks for the feature and kind words!!! I'm so glad you liked my party!

Anonymous said...

what if you have a boy :P ~Cherika