Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I LOVE!- The End

Here we are at the end of my LOVE list. It's one day late.....but yesterday was full of obligations, fun, and school/work commitments.....oh yeah and also Waffle House;)

On this day 7, I wanted to share this book that I am loving reading. The Five Love Languages Singles Edition is connecting with me on multiple levels. I even shared it with my sister, and she is gobbling it up too! We NEVER share reading interests so this is saying something.

The whole idea is that life is full of loving relationships...and we reap problems when we don't see that love is expressed in a variety of ways. 5 to be exact, according to the book.

You (pretty much anyone....though there is a version for couples) will really enjoy this book. I am almost ready to bet on it!
Have a fabulous week....my family comes to visit on Friday. I am pumped. The End!

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