Friday, April 8, 2011

Right Now

Right Now I praise God for his blessings. They are huge, overwhelming, perfect, beautiful, and satisfying.

I am awed that he is in the themes and the details of my life. ( I want to do a post on this idea later.)

Next Fall/Spring I will have a Graduate Assistantship!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am grinning, I am giddy, I am just so thrilled and relieved.

This means so many things to me.
It means I will not have to pay tuition....I will have to work but the tuition waiver awes me totally! Like it truly makes my heart skip a beat with thankfulness:)
It means that I did the right thing by choosing to do my Internship (Fall/Spring) in Athens.
It means that when I prayed so long ago that if God brought me back to Athens it would all work out....that he heard that. He heard that:)
It means that when things don't work out the first time, don't give up! The second time around you are even more aware and thankful.
It means that my debt will be less and my degree will still be amazing!
It means more to me because I am growing in faith and know that NO MATTER what, God cares for, loves and knows all of me:)

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