Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take a DEEP Breath

"Renew thyself completely every day: do it again, and agian, and forever again."
Chinese inscription citied by HD Thoreau in Walden ( I read it in Wherever You Go, There You Are)

Life will pass you right on by. How does that even happen?
Stress, Joy, Being Busy, Schedules, Trips, Just about Everything can pull us through life at a brisk and hectic pace.

I think that when we have time to get still, we are more connected to the moments. We can kind of see life for the seconds and minutes and not just the weeks and months. And I would throw out there the idea that minutes of true connection and stillness are far better for us than a lifetime of rushing.

But what to do once you are still? Once you leave the cell phone, turn off the TV and find restful stillness.
Well I suggest you breathe DEEP. Those deep breathes that pull from the abdomen. Not the shallow ones that draw from the top of our chest.

As you breathe, lean into the moment as my professor says. Really be there with yourself and your emotions. Don't be afraid to fill the silence with whatever is going on in the moment, and that could be a plethora of things. Things that you often don't hear or acknowledge because life is too loud for their voice to be heard.

Continue on by embracing the totality of the moment. If you are on the beach on a sunny afternoon, then embrace that. Warm sun on your face. Waves crashing at your feet. Breeze gently blowing your hair all around your face. Then embrace even deeper. Release the tension from your body and draw in the stillness and perfection of the moment. Then I would suggest embracing still deeper. How are you feeling? Really how are YOU doing? Are you able to be in the moment or are forces trying to distract you. Be firm, and stay still and reconnect with who you are. Be refreshed, get revived, find your inner core strength and balance.

The picture of you that comes forth from these moments is a beautiful sight. Often the you that emerges is stronger, clearer, and more at peace. And a little peace is never a bad thing:)

* This post is inspired by a mix of dwelling on relaxation techniques, and my journey through the book Wherever You Go, There You Are by John Kabat-Zinn.