Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time Machine

1985, 1995, 2005, 2025?
Where would I go if I could jump in a Time Machine and visit some part of my life? What a question!
Go back to times I can't remember and see myself as a baby. Go forward to times I can't imagine and see myself doing who knows what.

What a thought to end up this weekend! I know I would not visit some of my emotional, teenage angst years. Those are best left in the past. Really they only get revisited when Melanie brings them up;)

I think at this current time, I would go visit the future Sabrina. I often wonder about her, and her life.

What will her faith be like and how will she be sharing it?
What does her family look like; where, what, when, and who have changed?
Where will she be working, and will she love her job and the people she interacts with daily?
What does she look like? Has she eaten healthier, exercised more?
Does she still need to read right before she goes to bed, and does she sometimes still fall asleep in her glasses?
Who are her friends? Who does she call when she wants to talk and share?

The answer to this and more will unfold itself in the coming years. I do know that in each present moment I am laying the foundation for my future. I know that my future won't be some random chain of events tossed around by chance. Nope, I believe in God's providence and timing. I believe that I am more like my future than my past.

I guess we will see.....the way my life is going I know that the love will win over the pain. The family will triumph over the strangers. The beauty will transform the reality.

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