Sunday, April 3, 2011

4 Weekends

All 4 weekends of my April 2011 are booked.....and I am so happy about that. I plan on enjoying my birth month to the absolute extreme:)

This weekend I went to Six Flags with friends. It was a special UGA Night where they were open from 6pm-midnight! Fun, fun, fun....though I was a little more scared of heights than I have been in the past. Also, we had a great housewarming/Pampered Chef Partay for Melanie on Saturday in ATL:) It was just wonderful and hanging with my aunt's fabulous, funny and fun-loving friends was perfect.

Next weekend I hit the road to help my cousin and aunt on a college visit in Tennessee. I can't believe that boy is a Senior already and that graduation is in May. However, he still has a lot of growing to do and prayers are all always welcomed on his behalf!

Then I have a lingerie shower for a friend. Also, a one night girl's retreat with my church! Mountain cabin and studying the topic of rest, and worrying less, sound just like what I need!

Finally..... insert drumroll, is my birthday weekend!!!!!!!!! Pottery Painting and Dinner in Atlanta. Graduation Party for the seniors in my program. And a cookbook signing by The Neely's. 3 days of fun and friends and celebrating. (Ps- I am so blessed to get to see Julie, Cherika, and Melanie in May for more birthday plans!)

Combine all of this together and I am a blissfully happy girl! Come on April, I'm ready for ya!!!

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