Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nature is Gorgeous!

I was never a camper. Mother Nature and I had an uneasy alliance. I stayed put, for fear of clumsily destroying nature. And she stayed away, for fear of causing me a disgruntled meltdown. Yeah, I was prissy and careful and not prone to spending excess time in nature. I am still prissy and careful ( an honest admission).

At 27 I know that things have changed. Nature is a close friend now. But for the life of me I can't pinpoint when it shifted. Now, I see the beauty of nature as amazing and awe inspiring! Really, have you stopped and felt the cool breeze blowing across your face? Or stood still and heard the crashing of the waves? Or reached out and picked up a crunchy handful of leaves, or soaking wet sand? It's kinda amazing. I love so many of the aspects of the miracle that we call nature.

Maybe it's because I see a reflection of my changing life in the seasons of the trees. Sometimes blooming and sometimes looking like death and decay. It could be because a part of my soul gets it now.... The sunshine does look brighter after the rain! And that is the same exact principle that has played out in my life over and over again. I am not exactly sure, but my soul smiles when I remember to acknowledge the sublime beauty of a baby blue sky. I sleep peacefully when moonbeams shine in my window. I slow down, when wildflowers spring up in cascades all along the highway.

Nature is gorgeous and I'm thankful that I am noticing it each and every day.
*PS- We should be flying back South later tonight. We didn't end up losing power, but the wind got pretty gusty. However, I'm a new lover of New England! It's amazing!

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