Saturday, October 6, 2012


Sometimes a Saturday is the perfect culmination of the week.
Today I don't have plans. Well, unless you call turning off my phone and napping as long as I want, a plan;)

A whole free day. No errands that involve leaving my home. Eating from the food that I already have in my fridge.

A day of peace. My thoughts can wander here and there. Lounging in my PJ's all day is a viable option! Maybe even 2 cups of steaming hot, fruity tea, if I so choose.

A weekend for me. I am going to enjoy being with myself. My "me" time as I have often called it. Filled with the things that make Sabrina smile. Wal-Mart brand pumpkin pie candle. Flipping through Real Simple magazine for inspirations for things I can't afford. DVR and Cupcake Wars, and phone calls with my buddies and family.

A Saturday that will be special. Writing in my journal and reflecting on life. Taking time to meditate on the fact that, YES, we really are already in October! Throwing away the rush and intense pressure and worry to always be working or worrying, and instead basking in the freedom of rest and peace and tranquility and glimmers or hope.

I don't know about you, but I hope that your Saturday is everything that you want it to be:)

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