Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1st

How thankful can one person possibly be?
VERY, VERY thankful when you actually realize how amazing this life is!
How complicated the process of simply breathing is.
How magnificent the night sky is when it is dusted with stars.

As we enter November 2012, I want to blog daily for one month. (I hope it works out...stay the course Stewart). Each day I want to blog (long or short) about something that I am thankful for. So, here we go!

November 1st:
There is nothing like a well timed vacation. Hopefully all vacations are fun and relaxing (I guess that depends on who you are traveling with). But this vacation that I was blessed enough to take to Boston, it was perfectly wonderful. I needed a vacation and I would have settled for anything outside of the state of Georgia.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island were the great escape. I am thankful for getting away from it all and gathering wonderful life experiences along the way. I am thankful for friends who make such fabulous hosts and show you a new city and region. I am thankful that I had the days accumulated to actually take time off. And I am thankful that I was able to leave the burdens of work behind and go take time for myself. I had to go check in with myself, and thankfully I found that I am OK. I have definitely been better, but I'm still doing just fine. Fall vacation, I am oh so thankful for you!

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