Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 southern women talkin' marriage and eating boiled peanuts!

Yeah, the title of this entry is a short snapshot of the 5+ hour drive that I enjoyed with my mama on Saturday:)

In a few words here is what we have.
She drove slow, she had the GPS plugged in but did not use it. I kept turning on the air and searching for mama worthy music (not much let me tell you!).

We also chatted and laughed, and shared good silence.

We made it to Athens and I am happy to report that Betty likes my new spot:) It was her first time seeing it, and though there are boxes everywhere it is cozy! My first official guest is staying all week and I look forward to it! She bought enough items to stay forever but she assures me that she is going home to her husband;)

Now off to study and unpack and nap. PS- Stay tuned for my reflections on living on the 3rd floor!!!

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