Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day for Fathers


Today is Father's Day:) Like so many people, I think that my daddy is just about the best thing in my life. My mama and Melanie are tied with him! Anyway, today in church I heard this wonderful interactive lesson about what concrete things some of the Christian dads in the audiance could do to be a better husband and father. I LOVED IT! The answers were honest and real. One stood out in my head and heart though. One dad stood up and said....I am going to recommitt to showing my wife the kind of respect and love that I want my baby girl to look for in a man one day!!!!

That might not mean that much to you, but it exactly echoes my hidden and unspoken thoughts. People have asked, and lately I have wondered, about being 25 and never having been on a date. My life is usually so busy that my obvious answer is, "Who has time?" My second runner up is, "I am happy and well taken care of all by myself, I don't need another person to bring me down!" (or some other snide variation)

However, the main real reason why I have not dated is stated above. I have not found many men who would/could treat me the way my daddy treats my mother. I have seen glimpses in a few people but nothing overwhelming. My father is amazing, and darn him, has set the bar very high;)

Everyone has a different life story....but here are some things that I want in a man, and that my mother has found in her husband:
* someone to sit on the porch with and enjoy nature

* someone who loves  her family just like his own

* a man who loves God and is growing in Godly wisdom

* the other half to all of her personality quirks

* a quiet, reflective, loving man

* a man who still holds her hand during long car rides

* a man who leaves the sweetest poems hidden around our home

* a man who belives in the power of prayer, and studying God's word

So, all that to say two things. I thank my God in heaven for my amazing, special, caring, and funny daddy!!

And, I don't need to worry about finding a boyfriend. I am probably not even ready myself to meet the type of man that I want. Hmmmm deep thoughts! Happy Father's Day!!!!


Stacey said...

I love your post, Sabrina! I'm 27 and I haven't started dating either--and I think it probably because of the same reason. :)

Anonymous said...

You're post is sweet. I think its better to wait than get involved with someone who actually will weigh you down instead of lift you up :-) Someday he will come along...maybe he will turn out to be one of those athletes you'll be working with ;-)-Cherika