Friday, June 25, 2010

Athens and I

Good Morning!

 For any interested parties, I wanted to post anohter update on life in Athens.

 I have really adjusted well. I have only been here three weeks, yet thanks to the format of my graduate program I have 11 people who are my new friends. We are blessed enough to get to share this School Counseling experience together and in 2012 we will all graduate together!! (What in the world will happen between now and then? No earthly idea!!)

 I am in classes that are blowing my eyes wide open and expanding my worldview. I have never had to dig so deep into myself and into much of the racism, prejuidce, and unequal treatment in our society.  I am in classes that are teaching me more about my favorite area (the life of a child). I get the good shivers as I type because I think that I am going to LOVE being a counselour in the school setting.

I am happy that I have guests coming to visit me next weekend. Julie and Melanie and I are all planned out to enjoy the wonders of Athens and Atlanta:) Then my cohort (school counseling group) is going to a lakehouse in South Carolina! I am a happy lady:)

Living on the third floor is shaping up these little legs. Well kind of....that is probably a little wishful thinking mixed in! I love my new little place! Not having a roommate works for me. I am on a new routine up here. Grocery shopping on Sunday (and I am staying on budget. HAPPY DANCE!!!). Laundry on Monday. That sort of thing.

As you get ready for your weekend. Here is a thought provoking quote from a very thought provoking, book....the Bible!
Job 2:10 "...Shall we indeed accept good from God and shall we not accept adversity?" Things in my life right now are good, may I store up these times and feelings so when adversity strikes I don't sink into the typical complain and whine and unthankful mode. It's an easy thing to do and comes straight from the devil. On that heavy note....................... Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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