Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wishes and Dreams

I am not going to listen to the grown-ups who say that I am too old to still be dreaming and wishing. The map above shows a HUGE, really almost impossible desire of mine. Look carefully.....yep, that's a map of Italy and Greece. Hmmmm you might be wondering. Ok! I will just tell you.

Next summer there is a 2 week School Counselor Institute in ITALY!!!! Amazing and it would look so unique on a resume and I would get 3 hours of graduate credit. That is not all though....I want to go to Greece SOOOO bad. It is my travel dream! Like I could never travel again once I went to Greece and that would be OK. Well, if I am already going to be in Italy....and the map shows how close Greece is to Italy.....why don't I just hop over to Greece too!!!!!!!!!!

Now, this is just at the dream, head in the clouds stage. I know I would have to WORK SO MUCH to get there.......but I am gonna keep on thinking about it and we shall see. It's really one of thise instances that I think applies to the scripture about God being able to do more than we can ask or imagine:) I have that verse hanging right in my bedroom!

Have a truly great weekend everyone!

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annie said...

DO IT!! :) You will not regret it! I hope it works out... Work hard, and you'll be rewarded!