Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't fight it!

Today I had to laugh at myself and life. Note to self: Do that more often. Life is often ridiculous:)
Anyway, I made a little mental plan to be Sabrina lite during this UGA experience. By that I mean that I was not gonna comment on everything, volunteer for everything, be everything. Really, I was going to try because it is SO easy for me to make it the Sabrina Show.

I think that I have done a pretty good job. Then today my cohort had to vote on a member to be the First Year Member at Large for the UGASCA (University of Georgia School Counseling Association). My cohort voted for me:) I am excited and a little nervous! I had to laugh, because I was trying not to be that girl. However, the real lesson is...don't fight who you are! Embrace it and enhance it, but there is no need to go working on what ain't broken! So, I will continue to just be me. I think me is pretty awesome:)

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