Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Class of 2012

Dear Cohort,
Before I head out for some well deserved rest time I wanted to say a huge Thank You to you.
I have truly come to love you, and that is a little unexpected. I knew I would like you but what I feel is more.
12 people, all SO unique! When I think of you here is what stands out to me....

SAM: Our only man! Though you enjoy putting your feet on the table you also are open and willing to share. Thank You for being you.
STACEY: One of the sweetest people I have ever met. You work SO hard and you have an amazing story to share that people need to hear. You are also my out of state buddy:)
BRONWYN: Since day 1 when I plopped down next to you we instantly had a connection. You want everything to be perfect and it often is. Add to that the fact that you don't even look your age;) Your kindness has made an impression on me.
LIYA: Creative and Independent . You have the type of inner strength that I know has been earned through trials and tribulations. You WILL do great things. I can't wait to hear and see them:)
JESSICA: My interview partner!! I think I might need a few sessions when the Fall starts. Your knowledge and caring heart are apparent to me. Good luck with your sister coming to town and driving the bus in the Fall.
JANE: I think of smiles and sunshine when I think Jane....however I know that you are working your tail off. You give to others constantly and you will reap huge rewards because you are 100% true and special.
SHAMA: I LOVE YOU! No matter what the future holds you will go with me because of who you are and what you have shared. Your hard work and love for your family and culture are inspiring. The amazing things that you will one day do are awesome to think about:)
CHIEMEZIE: You smile so easily and it is always genuine:) Your quiet strength shines though. On top of all that you are, I just love getting little fashion tips from you by watching how you mix colors and patterns! (I don't know if you knew that.)
NATALIE: Ready with just the right thing to say to add humor to the moment. Our RTI Queen who has BIG plans for the future on many levels. You are exactly where you need to be at the time when you were needed most....remember that!
LAUREN: Classy, sometimes quiet but with a complete heart of gold. Your background knowledge is amazing to me and you will get to use it well in the future. Thank You for opening up your lake house to us!
MARIAN: Not timid about saying what you think. Caring for others in small little ways that add up to a lot. Happy Early Birthday to you!

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