Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm coming HOME

Florida I am coming back:) Athens and UGA has been quite an experience on so many levels. BUT...

I can't wait to see my beloved family and friends again!!!

( I am too I had not seen them in a year! I miss my people though.)

Here is what the plan looks like:

A day or two relaxing with my aunt in ATL while the cousin is in Europe (that boy is a travel guru!)

Jacksonville time!!! (VBS, family, swimming, TiVo, etc.)

Tallahassee visit ( Roberts reunion, Julie, all things Timberlane, dining out, dentist, etc.)

Back to Jacksonville, and then on to Daytona to pick up my lovely grandma. Then roadtrip back to Tally with three generations of Miles women:)

Melanie's Graduation!!!!!!!!!!! YAY I am SOOO proud!!!

Back to Jacksonville for more family time and to celebrate my parent's 30th Anniversary!!!!!!

Rush back to GA for lakehouse cohort reunion and then back to class August 16th.

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! I hope to see many of you soon:)

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