Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thoughts that are Random;)

* There is nothing to glue these thoughts together. They are just what is on my mind currently....

* Melanie and I are going to be saying goodbye to our home of 3 years. Country living was the life for us and I will be sad to say goodbye to Casa Stewart. Of course we are both moving on to different things in GA but still.....

* Time flies by! So much is changing and will change as 2010 continues on. May I remember to make some tea and savor the moments.

* To all of those heading back to school soon. GOOD LUCK!!!!! Especially my Roberts family:)

* Raising kids today that are not spoiled and entertainment junkies is hard. Whatever happened to the old school parents. The ones who didn't bargain with children, the ones who laid down the law, the ones who were respected and taught respect. I see now why my parents did not just let me go over to anyone's house. They had to know the family.

* Friends.....confusing, fun, difficult, fufilling, confusing!

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