Sunday, October 10, 2010

100 Posts!

Good Grief this is my 100th Post. Happy Anniversary to me:)

I do enjoy going back and reading my little blog and seeing how the life of Sabrina is a pretty wonderful thing.

To counteract my post last week on things I Don't Like, May I present......

Things that I DO Like:)

A fabulous, skinny, crescent moon that reminds me that God's works are many and beautiful.

Cool weather and the look of leaves that are changing from vibrant green to firey yellow, orange and red.

"Me time" to step back to my center

Friends far and near, I love them all:)

BOOKS!!! I love to read.

This wonderful mix of seasons between now and New Year's 2011!!!!

People who get my "picky eating"

Delicious, decedent, delightful desserts!!!!

Music (praise and worship songs, old school tunes, etc.)

All TV shows on cakes, cupcakes and sweets...YUM:)

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