Sunday, October 24, 2010

An excerpt from my Personal Theory Paper

15 page Personal Theory Paper due in November. Having to contemplate my motivations for wanting to become a school counselor is a fantastic idea though. It's a good thing to remember why we do what we do (you can apply this to any area).

Here is a little excerpt.
Through this summer my ideas have changed. It is not just about helping people. Help in some ways can be a weak and vague word. I will try to concretely explain what I mean by help. I am really talking about assistance. I am thinking more about working with people. Being there for them and talking to them. Spreading and sharing crucial information with people who are in need. I am meaning being a part of the community that is the backbone of so many systems. Of course I cannot be all things to all people, but you know what, I can be some things to as many people as come my way. I am the one who can use these two years and then take what I become and go out into the world ready to try and work hard and sometimes fail but always having the spirit to get back up. I know but a very small part of what lies out there as far as my future career. Yet, I have this transformative hope that assures me that I will be ready to do my best. I am going to expect the best from others but no matter what they will know that they are getting the very best of me. That they are interacting with the Sabrina who looks at each day as a new opportunity. Who wants to see positive growth in others and who is expecting positive growth in herself.  

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annie said...

I love this post and the insight it gives me into what you'd like to be doing in the future. I miss you, but love reading your posts to get a little taste of Sabrina! :)