Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quiet Much?

Who knows where I get the titles for my blog entries:)

Question 1: Do you like quiet? Better yet do you actually enjoy some quiet peaceful time. Let's face it....there is just not much peace to be found right in the middle of a lot of noise and chatter.

Question 2: Do you like alone time? Do you need and crave some time where you spend time with yourself?

If you ask me these things I would answer YES to both! That is not true for everyone though and that's fine. Here is my case for quiet and escape.

 As I keep growing up the world expects more from me. More of my emotions, definitely more of my time, just more. I enjoy talking and people..... but don't you ever just need quiet (be honest)? Time to hear a cricket chirp, or hear the wind blow through the leaves. Time to not talk. Time to hear nothing. These times are becoming even more precious as our world runs haywire with technology. Tvs in EVERY room. Ipods ALWAYS plugged in and turned up in our ears. (Don't get me started on Ipod zombies who walk around constantly with the music so loud that they can't hear the calls of friends or the pleas for help from strangers!) Sorry....

What about time by yourself? Now I am a single lady with limited (insert no) dating experience so that is of course going to affect how I see things. I HAVE to have ME time. I love people, I have a blessed collection of friends and family....but people are people and at some point I need to escape. It's nothing fancy...just the split second decision to say no to an invite and take myself out to eat. Just the random silencing of my ringing cell phone so that I can sit in the quiet and THINK. It's some good stuff this me time. I feel like I know myself pretty well because I allow myself to know myself. Of course I am still growing and will be growing until I take my last breath. However you can live a whole life and only get to know yourself when sickness comes, or you are about to pass on. No way for me!

This week get some quiet. This week get some time with you. Enjoy both because they are tremendous blessings!!

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